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Your Lifetime Dentist

Thank You!

Gwinnett Family Dentistry has built a reputation of attracting patients for life.

Today we even serve fourth generation family members from patients who started coming to our practice years ago. We stand out because we value our patients, their health, and the friendships we develop with them. We treat the people behind the smiles.

We are a team of highly skilled, experienced, and talented cosmetic dentists. That’s a given. What sets us apart is that after we finish your smile, we still want to see you around for your continuing care appointments and general dentistry needs. So many dentists get to a point where they want to do the “big time” procedures and that’s it. They don’t want to be bothered with seeing you for check-ups or fillings — or heaven forbid — seeing your kids!

We want to take care of you as a whole. Whether you’re in the market for a smile makeover or not. We’re truly interested in your overall wellbeing. Our team can take care of all of your dental needs right here in our office.

We are truly happy to see you at your regular hygiene visits. And it goes beyond dentistry. We want you to live a long and healthy life. If you’re interested in achieving wellness, we want to partner with you to help you get there. We want you to stay in our patient family. We want to be your dentists for life…and your family’s dentists for life.

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