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Meet the Staff

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                                                  Kathy Fowler, R.D.H.

                                    I have been a hygienist for more than 30 years. I began as a                                  temporary hygienist in this office 20 years ago. I am                                                dedicated to my patients and their wellbeing. The                                                  connection between oral health and whole body health is a                                  passion I share with people in my care. I consider my                                              patients as friends and family. I have the opportunity to take care of several generation families and love catching up with them all at each visit. I am active in guest services at Gwinnett Church and a member of the GA Baptist Women’s choir “Jubalhiers.” I am sign language interpreter and love music. My hobbies include any kind of dancing, reading, hiking, and mission endeavors. I am single and have a daughter that lives in Washington D.C.

                                 Rhonda Raines, R.D.H.

                                 I knew from the age of 13 that dentistry would be my                                             chosen profession! I was fortunate enough to have a                                             mother who was a dental assistant long before formal                                           training was offered. As a young child I remember my mom                                   keeping a roll of floss and saying, "Here, floss your teeth".                                   This affirmed in my mind that good oral habits start young as do dreams of "What will I be when I grow up?” And so, here I am, a Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) and Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH). As a hygienist I took an oath to treat each patient with the best care possible and provide every opportunity to teach, and encourage each patient so that they may know the importance of healthy teeth and gums with relation to many other systemic issues we face as we age. I plan to be the encourager and clinician I am called to for many years to come.



                       Sharon Aguilar, R.D.H.


                                I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. I have 30 years of                                            experience as a Dental Hygienist. I continue to improve                                        myself in staying current with the latest trends and                                                  technology in dental hygiene. I am passionate about                                              getting  to know my patients and their families while also making them feel at ease during their dental visit. I enjoy spending vacation time at the beach and relaxing with my family.

                                 Shirley Brasill, Office Manager

                               I started my dental career in 1974 as a dental assistant. After                                 5 years assisting, I moved to the front office. I have been                                       with Gwinnett Family Dentistry for 20 years and met many                                     wonderful patients. I am the insurance and treatment plan                                     coordinator for our office and try to provide each patient with any help they need to schedule and finance their dental work. We have always put the patient first at our practice and have made each patient feel welcome and like family. I truly love my job and coworkers. I am married and have two daughters and four wonderful grandkids that keep me on my toes! I love to go on cruises and look forward to our family beach vacation each year.


                                                 Pat Miller, Patient Coordinator

                               I joined this team of professionals in 2004 new to dentistry.                                   My job duties consist of greeting patients, scheduling                                           appointments, processing insurance, and meeting our                                           patient’s financial needs. It is my personal goal to greet                                         every patient with a smiling face, provide an atmosphere of comfort, care, and trust so that everyone can get the help they need and leave feeling good. Outside of the office, I enjoy time with family and friends.


                                                           Millie, Dental Assistant 

                               I have been employed at Gwinnett Family Dentistry for 10                                     years as a dental assistant. I thoroughly enjoyed my career                                   in dentistry, and I am furthering my career by going to                                           dental hygiene school. The one thing I enjoy the most                                           about my job is making people smile and getting to know                                      the patients. I recently got married in December 2011, and I   have recently added to my family with the birth of my son, Matthew.

                                                      Pam, Dental Assistant 

                                I’ve been in Dentistry for 14 years and I love it. I love to                                          make patients feel comfortable about being here. Our                                          practice is a warm and family friendly atmosphere. It’s my                                      family away from home. When I’m not working, I’m                                                spending time with my two boys.

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