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We are back!

Thank You!

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Dear Gwinnett Family Dentistry Patients,  


We hope this letter finds all of you happy and healthy. Our Gwinnett Family Dentistry team is beyond ready to get back to work and see all of you that we have missed so much! We are excited to tell you that we will be reopening our office on May 18th.  I want to let you know that while our office has been closed, I have been doing a lot of research in order to stay up to date on the continually changing recommendations made by various governing sources (CDC, ADA, GDA and more).  The information continues to change, but my team and I are doing everything that we can to stay up to date on all recommendations so that we can continue to do everything in our power to keep our patients and our team safe. 

We ask for your patience and understanding while we all figure out our “new normal”. We will be following rigorous scheduling and office protocols in order to maintain the safety and well-being of our patients, and our team members. Please understand that we had to cancel a LARGE number of appointments and we are diligently working to get everyone rescheduled. We know you have a strong desire to get your dental health back on track and so do we, we will get there as soon as possible. We will be rescheduling patients on a first cancelled, first rescheduled basis, we feel that this is the most efficient and fair way to get all of our patients rescheduled.  We have a VERY accurate list of EVERY cancelled appointment.  There will be a limited number of appointments per day and emergencies will continue to be defined by pain and/or bleeding ONLY.  


We will be VERY FIRM in our processes and procedures, they have been well-thought-out and reviewed countless times. Our office processes and procedures have changed in the following ways: 




When you arrive for your appointment, please call our office at 770-921-5100 to inform us of your arrival and remain in your car, we will let you know when your provider is ready for you. At that time, ONLY THE PATIENT may come into the office, MINORS may be accompanied by ONE adult – no siblings or other adults will be allowed in the office. Though my favorite part of our office is the family atmosphere, right now we have to love the whole family from afar.

  • All patients will receive, via email and text, a link to a Wellness Survey (pre-appointment screening) that must be filled out in the 24 hours prior to EACH APPOINTMENT.  The link will come with an appointment reminder email or text. (Every team member will answer these questions every day and if any of their answers indicate a possible exposure, they will be asked to go home.)


  • PLEASE BRUSH YOUR TEETH AT HOME.  The tooth-brushing station will be used only as a hand-washing station.


  • Please bring your own mask and wear it to your appointment. Our patients will be asked to use hand sanitizer, we will provide as they enter the office. 

  • Upon entry into the office, we will check the patient’s temperature and oxygen saturation. (We will also be checking each team member every day) If the temperature is 100.4 ֯ F or greater, or your oxygen saturation below 90%, your appointment will have to be rescheduled. We suggest checking the patient’s temperature at home prior to heading to their appointment. (Please do not eat or drink anything very hot or cold and avoid exercise in the 30 minutes leading up to your appointment, as all of these things can affect a temperature reading.)  Also, due to our new personal protective gear to keep everyone safe, our office may be cold.

  • Patients will be asked to rinse with hydrogen peroxide for 30 seconds, in the chair.   



We also love to chat with you at your appointment. Please understand that conversations will be significantly reduced to allow for social distancing, running on time, disinfection of treatment chairs and sterilization of instruments, etc.  


The coffee station will be closed while in this re-entry to normalcy time. 

Our waiting room has been cleared of non-essential items, chairs placed a safe distance apart, and all surfaces will be regularly disinfected. 




We have invested in Vanimen extraoral suction units, to reduce aerosols in our operatories, as well as a new sterilization process with UV-C light technology.  


Our team is undergoing extra training to safely work in our new environment and have all of personal protection gear recommended by regulatory bodies.  


We are so grateful for each and every one of our patients, and this time away has only served to make us even more thankful for each of you. You are the driving-force of our practice, and this is why we are taking your safety VERY seriously.  


If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office.  



Dr. Fabiola 

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